Preparation of Rare-earth Doped Titanium Oxides Nano Particles with Modified Sol-gel Synthesis Method

Chen Sihao*, Sun Rui


AbstractModified sol-gel synthesis method was researched in this paper. The new method was used to prepared rare earth doped TiO2 nano particles under the same preparation conditions, in which the ratio of Ti and rare earth was REn+Ti4+= 0.02 or 0.10.  REn+ was presented for Nd3+Ce4+La3+Er3+ . Triethanolamine and water was put into flasks. Then tetrabutyl titanate-n-butanol solution was dropped into flasks for some time. And then the mixed solution of a certain amount of rare earth and citric acid was droped into flasks for some time. Distillate to remove solvent, dry the remaining sol at 100 °C, place the products in a muffle furnace and calcine at 500 °C for 5 hours. Changing the ratio of REn+:Ti4+ , products with different properties was prepared. TG-DTGXRDTEM was used to analysis the roast temperature, size, morphology and so on. It was shown that the average cell size of rare earth doped TiO2 nano particles were around 20nm and a little rare-earth doped titanium dioxide materials were benefit in dispersion.


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