Micro- and nano-crystalline CVD diamond coated micro drills in the drilling of EDM graphite

X.L. Lei, L. Wang,B. Shen, F.H. Sun, Z.M. Zhang, M.Chen


Abstract: In this investigation, micro- and nano-crystalline hot filament chemical vapour deposition(HFCVD) diamond films are successfully deposited on two-flute spiral micro drills(D=0.39mm). After deposition, micro- crystalline diamond(MCD) and nano-crystalline diamond(NCD) coated micro drills are characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy(FESEM), Atomic force microscope(AFM) and Raman spectroscopy. Cutting experiment involving bare WC-Co, MCD and NCD coated micro drills is conducted to test their drilling performance in graphite drilling. The drilling test results show that number of drilled holes of MCD and NCD coated micro drill is about 4-6 times more than that of uncoated one.


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