Methods of formatting nanoscale color centers patterns in lithium fluoride crystal based on EUV normal incidence optics

Xin Wang, Baozhong Mu, Li Jiang, Jingtao Zhu, Shengzhen Yi, Zhanshan Wang*, Pengfei He



Abstract: A new method of fabricating nanometer scale color centers patterns in lithium fluoride (LiF) crystal using EUV normal incidence objective based on Schwarzschild type and laser plasma produced source is presented. According on the third-order aberration theory the optical parameters of the objective are designed for numerical aperture of 0.1 and magnification of 0.1. Mo/Si multilayer films coated on the optics is designed and deposited by magnetron sputtering method. The uniformity and the reflectivity of multilayer films at 13.5nm can achieve ±0.13% and 68.7%. By imaging mesh positioned behind the plasma using the Schwarzschild objective, the color centers patterns with line width of 4.2μm, 1.2μm and 800nm are formatted in LiF crystal. Fluorescence intensity profile of image of mesh shows that the resolution of image is approximately 900nm.

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