Luminescence enhancement of fluorescent labeling molecular by Ag nanoparticles embedded in silicate glass substrates

Ting Zhou, Jian Lin*, Yan Ma, Jingjing Chen, Deping Wang, Lang Hu, Xin Sui


Abstract: Electric field-assisted ion diffusion process was used to fabricate Ag nanoparticles (NPs) embedded into glass substrate. Compared with positive diffusion process with subsequent anneal, the size of Ag NPs after reverse diffusion was larger and island nanostructure was formed. The effect of the glass substrate on photoluminescence (PL) of NaYF4Yb, Er and CdSe was investigated. It's observed that obvious enhancement was obtained for all the slides. The strong enhancement was due to the larger size of Ag NPs. According to the radiating plasmons model, larger NPs were expected to enhance fluorescence. It’s a fact that glass substrate adsorbing Ag NPs prepared by chemical method could also enhance PL of these liquid fluorescent material. However, if the metal Ag NPs were dispersed in a solid matrix, the stability of the metal Ag NPs increases. This novel glass substrate has good repeatability and can avoid contamination, which made up the difference. Thus, this work provides a novel promising method to enhance the luminescence of fluorescent labeling molecular and open a new pathway for biolabeling techniques.  


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