Improved mechanical properties of nano-grained Ti processed by combination of asymmetric and symmetric rolling

Zhiming Li, Aidang Shan*, Jianhua Jiang


Abstract: Nano-grained (NG) and ultrafine-grained (UFG) Ti possess large potential in aerospace and medical applications due to its unusual mechanical property and biocompatibility. In this work, NG Ti was obtained by the combination of asymmetric rolling (ASR) and symmetric rolling (SR) at room temperature. The starting material was commercially pure Ti (grade 2) processed by hot rolling with coarse-grained (CG) structure. The NG structure led to an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of about 920 MPa, as compared to 470 MPa for the as-received material with CG structure. The microhardness of the as-received CG Ti was increased by more than 70% after the combinative process of ASR and SR. The fracture mode of the NG Ti was found to be transgranular associated with ductile dimples which indicated the sufficient plasticity.


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