Electrochemical studies on the passivation behavior of  Cu-Ni-Fe alloy coating in borate buffer solution at pH 8.4

Qiongyu Zhou, Minqi Sheng , Yi Wang , Qingdong Zhong*

Abstract.  Cu-Ni-Fe alloy-layer was prepared on the surface of mild steel by nano technology in this paper. Polarization techniques and Mott-Schottky analysis in conjunction with the point defect model (PDM) have been used to investigate the semiconductor properties of the passive films formed on the surface of nano Cu-Ni-Fe alloy layer in borate buffer solution at pH 8.4. The results showed that the passive film formed on the surface was more compact, highly protective with higher heating temperature. Carriers density and vacancies diffusion coefficient of the passive film  formed on nano Cu-Ni-Fe alloys  decreased with higher heating temperature. The vacancies diffusivity is about magnitude of 10-20m2·s-1 in borate buffer solution at pH 8.4.

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