A facile fabrication of carboxyferrocene nanorods with cavities and its properties

Tiejian Zhu,  Qingsheng Wu*,  Xinlin Zhou

ABSTRACTIn the paper, a typical carboxyferrocene nanorod with cavities were presented by a simple sonication methodusing  PEG400 as a template in the process. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) shows the nanorods have lengths of 5~10 µm, and the diameter about 200 nm. To characterize the as-obtained nanomaterials, X-ray diffraction patterns were carried out, which indicate that the products keep the original crystal structure as bulk materials.  Further research on optical properties of the products is characterized by FT-IR and UV spectrometer, which are different from bulk materials. With these features, the nanorods would have wide applications in the field of electrochemistry and biosensor.

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