Research on capacitive probing system based on micro/nano measurement

Xin Lu*, Mingxuan He, Yuan Li, Hong Wang, Yi Liu, Lihua Wang


Abstract: With the trend for higher resolution and accuracy in dimensional measurements, the demands of coordinate measuring techniques are ever-increasing. Probing systems, as the major part of the coordinate measuring machine, plays an important role in the overall accuracy. Currently, various probe techniques have been proposed by different institutes. This paper presents a capacitive tactile probing system and the corresponding capacitance detecting system. The probe is consisted of a probe sphere, a stylus and a capacitance sensor. The displacement of the probe tip can be calculated by the circuit which detects the smallest changes of displacement and converts the displacement to capacitance. All data from circuit captured by VISA (virtual instrument software architecture of LabVIEW) through series ports. The preliminary design, simulation and experimentation are presented. The feasibility of the probing system can be confirmed by analyzing the experimental results.


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