Nanocrystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Fe84Nb7B9 Alloy

Wei LU*, Chenchong He, Zhe Chen, Biao YAN



The nanocrystallization kinetics of amorphous Fe84Nb7B9 alloy has been analyzed by non-isothermal DSC measurements. The local activation energies E(α) were analyzed and its average value was about 468.7 kJ/mol. It was found that the nanocrystallization kinetics of amorphous Fe84Nb7B9 alloy cannot be described successfully by JMA model while the two-parameter Sestak-Bergggren equation seems to be more appropriate in this case. However, SB model has only a phenomenological value and gives no insight on the interpretation of the nanocrystallization mechanisms of Fe84Nb7B9 alloy. So the local activation energies and local Avrami exponent were introduced and they were applicable and correct in describing the nanocrystallization process of the amorphous Fe84Nb7B9 alloy according to the theoretical DSC curve simulation.

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