Deposition and application of nanocrystalline diamond films on silicon carbide substrates

Wang Xinchang, Sun Fanghong, Shen Bin, Zhang Zhiming, Guo Songshou


Abstract: Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films were gaining increasing interest as candidate materials in mechanical and tribological applications. The NCD films showed smooth granular surfaces where no facetted crystallites can be noticed. The pronounced Raman scattering intensity in the region of 1400~1600 cm-1 made a further explanation that the grain size of the films has decreased to nanometer scale. The friction tests suggested that the fabricated NCD films exhibited much lower friction coefficients. Finally, NCD diamond films deposited on silicon carbide drawing dies were applied in the actual work environment and presented that the working lifetime was largely elongated more than ten times as that of conventional cobalt cemented tungsten carbide drawing dies and in the course of processing, copper tubes with high surface quality and uniform sectional area could be obtained.

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