Degeneration of SET-state Resistance Consistency as Si Increases in SixSb2Te3

Kun Ren*, Feng Rao, Zhitang Song, Liangcai Wu, Xilin Zhou, Mengjiao Xia, Bo liu, Songlin Feng, Bomy Chen


Abstract:Nanosecond electrical pulses were utilized to program of SixSb2Te3 based T-shaped phase change memory cells. The SET-state resistances of Si-poor SixSb2Te3 based cells exhibit good consistency. As x increases to 3.8 and 4, the SET-state resistance varies in the range of two orders of magnitude, exhibiting an unstable value. And the RESET-state resistance begins to be unstable during cycling when x reaches 4. To ensure a good thermal stability together with suitable operation speed and consistency, Si3Sb2Te3 and Si3.5Sb2Te3 will be good choice for phase change memory application.

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