Antireflective Coatings for Solar Cells Derived from Different Evaporation Solvents

Qiang Pan, Jun Shen, Xiaodong Wang, Zhihua Zhang


Abstract: A critical review on the advancement of preparing SiO2 antireflective (AR) coating via dip-coating method is provided. The advantages and disadvantages of sol-gel method with ethanol as solvent were considered. In order to solve the problems occurred in ethanol system, 1-methoxy, 2-propanol (PM) was used as a novel solvent to synthesize SiO2 sol, and the AR coatings were deposited on solar glass substrates by dip-coating under industrial environment. Optical properties, surface morphology and mechanical performance of the synthesized films were investigated. The results showed that PM was an excellent solvent which could be adopted under industrial production conditions.

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