A Simple Hydrothermal Synthesis of Shape-controlled CeO2 Nanomaterials

G. L. Tao, X. L. Lu, Z. H. Su, Y. Tao, H. P. Wu*

Abstract: Here we report a simple hydrothermal method to prepare shape-controlled nanoceria. By simply varying the reaction time and the concentration of Ce(NO3)3 in the reaction system, ceria nanomaterials with different morphologies such as nanoparticles, nanorods and nanowires could be obtained in the final products. UV–vis spectrum measurements were used to check the absorption abilities of these nano-sized ceria materials. PL spectrum illustrated the intensities of emission peak at 400nm would increase sharply when the morphology of ceria changed from nanoparticles to nanowires, which is caused by the increasing of oxygen vacancy in the samples. A possible crystal growth mechanism was put forward based on the in-situ observation of UV absorptions.

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